Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sinclairs are China Bound

Words from my friend Allison Sinclair...
"Why are we always SO surprised by God?"
That's such a great question...
one that we all could take some time to ponder.
After all HE IS GOD!!!

She asked this question when she found me
through a yahoo group for our orphanage
and learned that our daughters were actually friends
in China and I was soon to travel for JingJing.

I had been blessed by other families traveling before me
and I wanted to pay forward this blessing.
I offered to take something to Allison's daughter
MingJiao (Collins)
but she just wanted me to take a picture
and ask the doctor to give her a hug.
We were able to do way better than that~
our guide was able to get an update for them
when I developed a camera I sent for Jing's birthday,
there were pictures of Jing and MingJiao (Collins)
I could NOT wait to send them to Allison.
Our sweet daughters together!!!

When I asked Jing who this was
she mumbled her name in Chinese...
now that I know Allison and MingMing
(as I have decided to call her~
JingJing and MingMing)
I know she was saying Ming something...

These pics were taken on the day of Jing's bd party
and you can tell she was still upset.
So sweet that they took them outside for pics...
And the location very symbolic~
Outside the orphanage gates
and both very soon leaving the only home
they have ever know into a forever family.

Allison and I will always cherish these first photos
of our daughters together in Putian City, Fujian.
Allison and Jerod boarded a plane
in Birmingham, AL this morning on their way to China.
They need our prayers as they travel
and meet MingMing Sunday morning.
They are traveling our very same trip...
Hong Kong,
and Guangzhou.
They will be traveling to the orphanage on Tuesday
and hoping to get more pics for the girls~
including Jing's finding place.
Now that's major!!!

Here are their kids they are leaving home
with very sweet grandparents!
Please pray for them all!!!

And now when you think about that first question...
"Why are we always SO surprised by God?"~
seems silly really...
God orchestrated the whole thing from the beginning
and has His Plan down pat~
so thankful He chose us to go along beside Him!!!

Did I tell you the Sinclairs have our same guide Isabell in Fuzhou?
We are SO excited and have sent a very special gift
to her~ praying it will change her life!!!

Their blog:


  1. What a great story! And I'm guessing I know what that special gift is... so my prayer is the same!


  2. They both look so serious. I see Jing has the same necklace she came home in. Can't wait to follow your friend's trip. Will Jing and Ming skype?

    (You wrote, "These pics were taken on the day of Jing's bd party and you can tell she was still upset." Who was upset and why?)

  3. I was just about to ask if you knew who their guide was... what a blessing for them to have Isabell, too ~ And how nice of you to send a gift! I'm praying that she comes to know the Lord on a very personal level. She is a special person, indeed. We all loved her!

    How neat that your daughters were friends together in the special!

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