Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Happy Morning

Every morning, I make sure A&R are up
and getting ready for school.
Amelia's room is right above the little's
and EK usually wakes up when A turns on her shower.

Today I heard her rustling around
and tiptoed into the room to give her the shhhh sign
in hopes SJ would sleep a little longer...

Instead I heard EK saying...
"Want to play puppies? We have to be very quiet."
And I saw them sitting on EK's bed.
I grabbed my camera to capture the moment...

And I am finally getting back on the
Black and White Wednesday bandwagon...

as she leaves for China Friday to get sweet Reagan!!!
Praying for you all!


  1. What an adorable moment captured. I'm so happy your little one is doing so well. It looks like she has adjusted magnificently to your loving family. So wonderful to see that beautiful smile brighten up her face.

    Happy Wednesday!


  2. Oh my word. They were playing puppies. Look how cute they are? Seriously. SO adorable. What sweetness! I LOVE these pictures a ton. So glad you are back on the bandwagon!

  3. That is so sweet! Your black and white conversion is so pretty. It looks much softer than the color version.

    Erika B

  4. I have to agree I really like this in black and white. This would be nice done with a black and white collage on their wall. My daughter thinks likes to look at her photos in bw and somehow thinks people can't tell who she is? I tell her it sometimes reveals the raw truth and she says that is just silly mama. LOL

  5. I forgot about you having EK's China name written on the canvases. We need to do that for ours!!!