Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loving Baba

Every morning two girls ask about their Baba first thing~
Jing asking, "Baba go?"
His homecoming each day is definitely
a highlight for each of them! (me too)
Tonight as we were settling down after baths
Jing (in her own way)
had Baba take off his shirt and then wanted to put it on.

Her adjustment continues to amaze us.
There are ups and downs~
and we work through each one as it comes.

One major up we have had is this little one
falling in love with her Baba!
She talks about him all day
and searches for him in all the pictures we have around
and thinks every truck that passes is him,
and can barely run fast enough to him
when we pulls in our drive
and tonight wanted to put his shirt on. :)

EK adores her Baba too~
she loves more than anything to be outside with him
doing whatever!!!
This is the smile she gave me
when I asked her if she loves her Baba...

I'd say we are ALL very blessed
to have the Baba we have in our family.
We LOVE you honey!!!

1 comment:

  1. I know nothing warms Scott's heart more than all his beautiful daughters and Jing warming up to him !!