My Family

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend and soul mate
for 24 years.
Scott is such a wonderful husband and dad~
he commutes into Atlanta everyday to work.
I couldn't be more blessed!!!

Savannah is my first love and is now 21 years old.
She is finishing her last year of college majoring in middle school ed.
She will graduate on May 1st and get married to Josh May 7th.

Josh is such a blessings to our family.
He loves Savannah SO much and will make a wonderful husband.
He works in insurance 
and has the most beautiful voice you have ever heard!

Amelia is 19 and a senior in high school~
she loves art, tennis, and hanging out with her friends!
Can't believe she will be off to college next year.

Rosemary is 15 and a freshman in high school~
she loves cheering, tennis, and hanging out with her friends!
We call her the baby original. :)
EllaKate is 5 and home schools pre-K~
she loves horses, stuffed animals, and her little sister!
She amazes me everyday with her free spirit and joyfulness!

ShayleeJoy is 3 and newly home from China~
she loves eating, brushing her teeth, and taking a bath!
She copies everything EK does and adores her!
We are SO thankful to have these two precious littles
home safe and sound in our family!!!

Will is our newest little one
and waiting @ Philip Hayden Foundation in Beijing.
We are looking so forward to the day
when he is home safe and sound with our forever family!!!
God has blessed us beyond measure and we are SO thankful!!!