Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Panda World

Isabel is the sweetest guide we could have!

She picked us up this morning at 9:45

For a trip to Panda World.

The driver took us right up to the gate

And we were off for a great adventure…

If you call about 7 raccoon pandas, three black bears, and 1 real panda

An adventure. J

We did see a little raccoon panda show~

Really kind of sad they are in captivity.

The highlight of the visit was…

The Panda gift shop.

EK picked out the perfect one for herself

And SJ ~ not that she really cared one way or the other.

As the morning wore on, she did begin to hold it

And went to sleep for nap holding it.

Isabel is so kind to EK and they have become fast friends.

I had lots of time to talk to Isabel today about her life…

One of the biggest things she shared with me was her beliefs.

She was quick to tell me she is not Buddist but still searching.

I looked her right in the eye and asked if she knew we were Christians

And she said yes, very devout ones for sure.

That made me smile!!!

I told her right then and there I would be praying for her to come to know Christ.

She shared with me that she has Christian friends who are always talking to her about it.

Scott and I promised we would pray for her and we are asking you to as well.

Being in Fuzhou was not just a coincidence and Isabel being our guide wasn’t either~

I think God ordained it just like He did choosing SJ for our family.

Let’s all put the name Isabel on our prayer list and pray like crazy she comes to know Christ

And set Fuzhou on fire for HIM!!!


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  2. Praying for you guys and for Isabel!! I agree, it was ordained by HIM for her to be with you!

  3. Joining you in praying for Isabel! She sounds like a wonderful guide!

  4. That is so awesome! We had the opportunity to share Christ with our guide in China too - just another way God is using adoption to reach China for him?? I'll be praying for Isabel!

  5. Oh my goodness, I missed reading this one. I know you are back home now, but I still had to comment.

    I am SO glad you were able to talk with Isabel about Christ. We will most DEFINITELY be praying. We just LOVED her, too. Wish we could've had more time with her, but it was always raining out when we tried. We also ended up at the Dinosaur Museum. It was her first time in there with us, and when she walked around the first floor with me and Khloe in the stroller, she jumped and grasped onto my arm when the dinosaur sounds went off... guess it caught her by surprise. We both got a good laugh out of that one. She was SO sweet and I'm just thrilled to see you loved her the same. Wish we were able to stay in touch with our guides.

    I cried many tears as I read your posts in China. Your journey mirrored much of our own. From Fuzhou and sweet SJ's grieving there, from the landmarks and places you visited, our mutual guide~ Isabel, and then the Garden Hotel in GZ... it all brought back SO many memories rushing in. My heart is full.

    Thank you for so candidly sharing your journey. It blessed me to relive and remember the journey ...and to see how wonderful of a God we serve! He is faithful!! <><