Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It seems that whenever SJ takes a nap or wakes up in the morning,

We start over with the comfort and security.

She really doesn’t cry a big cry…

just a little whimper with BIG crocodile tears with her bottom lip poked out.

She is grieving all she’s ever known to be familiar…

We love her beyond measure and see many positive signs of attachment,

Even with the sadness she is showing.

She makes good eye contact with me.

She wants me to hold her most all the time.

She will walk around a little while on her own

But always comes up to me and lifts her arms to me.

She is not at all sure about her Baba yet.

Usually after we have eaten, she warms up to him

And will play with the beach ball or bubbles.

She will not let him hold her and just stares at him so seriously.

She watches and copies everything EK does.

EK blows bubbles for her and SJ waits until one is caught with the bubble wand

and reaches out to burst it. :)

She is understanding more and more.

She will take my hand and lead me to the bathroom when she needs to go.

She points to most anything she wants.

She will give me a big kiss on the mouth when I say, “Kiss Mama”.

She knows mama, baba, and Ella.

She speaks the sweetest Chinese gibberish when she is happy

And copies any English we ask her to.

She has the most gentle spirit~ completely calm and sweet.

She takes it all in and watches everything around her.

I looked at Scott this morning on the elevator

And said, “There is no doubt that this is our baby!

She is perfect in every way!”

As is all five of our beautiful girls!!! J


  1. Shay - you are killin me with the ADORABLE outfits - makes me want to get my sewing machine out right now! Well, after a quick run to Hobby Lobby!

  2. I just love how she is willing to speak so much - I think this speaks volumes about her trust levels - ...she hasn't "shut down" - even if she's not completely trusting y'all yet! She will!!

  3. oh I love that last photo, what an adorable look on her sweet face :) yep, she was meant to be yours!

  4. Love all the things you shared. I can't imagine what she must be thinking right now in her head?! But I know it's all going to be ok and God's hand is in it all!