Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SJ's Vocabulary

Lots of people have asked how SJ is doing with communication~
I decided to take a day
and write down some of the things she says.
Keep in mind she 'understands' most everything
we tell or ask her.
She also mimics and copies long phrases
she hears us saying all the time~
especially things EK says.

First thing this morning~
SJ: Mama hold me.

Sitting on the sofa waking up~
SJ: Need drink

In the kitchen @ the fridge~
SJ: Eat grapes... hungry

Girls leave for school~
SJ: Be right back.

Hands me a book~
SJ: (singing)
Bear Went Over the Mountain
Shoo Fly Shoo Fly Shoo

SJ: Baba go?

After Breakfast~
SJ: Mama, get down

Playing in the Sunroom~
SJ: Mama, sit down
(wanting me to have a tea party with her)

SJ: Mama, go potty.

Throughout the day~
Mimi go?
GiGi go?
Nana go?
JingJing go? (smiles)
Ella go? (smiles)
Mama go? (smiles)

OK... I think you get the picture...
She's definitely communicating and we are having a ball!

The Bear went over the Mountain


  1. Oh my goodness, when she put her little hand up to her eyes to "see what he could see"....that was so precious!!
    Tell EK she has a beautiful singing voice! :)


  2. She is so sweet!
    I wanted to let you know that the link to your joyful heart auction (top right) isn't working.


  3. These two are soooooo cute!!!!!
    I know you still can't believe you are home with your baby.They two of them are precious!!

    I love you!!

  4. Oh, that is so adorable. Ella is being such a good big sister and she sings so well! Jing looks so happy to be singing that song for her mama.

  5. I'm so excited about how well she's doing with her communication skills! Didn't doubt it!