Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cute Girls

Last night Scott had to take a training online for work
but SJ was NOT going to miss out on her Baba time. :)
She was scribbling on Scott's book
and singing Happy Birthday.
EK was not missing out on the fun either.

Today we finished up a few chores and school
and decided to run a couple of errands...
first time SJ had been to Walmart
OR ridden in a shopping cart~
went very well.

I picked up some of those little clear pony tail holders
and put one in SJ's hair today...
I wish you could have seen her face
when she reached up on top of her head and felt it.
She got up and ran to show EK~
"Look Eya!"
She was SO happy she had a pony tail like EK!

They even went with a skirt today!!! :)

Everything's SO funny!

EK always pops her head over to her shoulder
so SJ did the same thing. :)

I'm not sure what she was doing~
I burst out laughing at her.

Cute Girls! :)


  1. Shay your girls are so cute!! I just laugh at some of you beautiful!!! I know you are in heaven playing with these babies!!

  2. Just love to see this sisterhood developing :-)