Friday, October 15, 2010

A Photo Shoot

The girls were out playing yesterday
and the light was just so beautiful,
I grabbed my camera for a little photo shoot.

Amelia came home from getting her hair cut
and guess who went running to her???

Rosie wasn't home for the shoot
because she was cheering at her last
home JV football game~
What a beautiful cheerleader!!!
We were able to go for a little while...

and made home in time to keep Max for a little while.

SJ just kind of sat back and watched Max~
he is a ball of energy and too fast for her. :)
But... I bet you can guess who can play right along side him???

Hmm ummm... EK! :)


  1. These turned out so beautiful!! They are two sweet and cute little girls! Maybe SJ will soon be able to play more with Max. :>) Thanks again for watching him for a bit.

  2. The photos and the girls are beautiful!!!!

  3. Those girls are so sweet Sharon. We miss you guys. Glad to hear that everything is going well. Blessings to you guys.

  4. I love seeing how happy SJ was to see Amelia.
    So cute to see her sucking her thumb and finger while she is relaxing of the couch.