Saturday, June 18, 2011

Would you like to SEE Will?

Jennifer says~
A little long (and slow in some places), but as his Mama, I'm sure you'll enjoy. He thought it was quite a fun game to pull the stopper out of the ball and then have me blow it back up again :)


  1. What a wonderful gift to have received. He is so adorable. I imagine you must be going nuts right about now. Hope you're able to travel soon to bring that sweet boy home.

  2. He's just precious Shay!!! Love how he's playing and holding the ball in his mouth.
    And what a great smile your boy has!!!


  3. He is so, so inquisitive! i love it!! He is very much a ham and I think he will fit in perfectly at the Ankerich Estate!!! Pack the blow up ball :-) And maybe some balloons!!

    How are you staying sane with all the love?? He is SO very real!!!!! And SO very cute! I could eat him up!!!!!

  4. He is so fun!!! I am sure the photos and video are making you even more excited to get your baby BOY home :)

    xo ellie

  5. Just gotta love a little boy!! he is precious!!

  6. How lucky you are to have this video.


  7. Forgot all about watching this video! It was sooo cute! I loved hearing everyone speak in Chinese - so neat! He was so sweet!