Sunday, June 19, 2011

JingJing Love~

We saw JingJing for the first time in Feb 2010,
accepted her referral,
and sometime in July, I received an email from Lydia Burgess
describing the love she had for little JingJing.
At the time, it was exactly what I needed to continue the wait
for our precious baby!

Then in March, we were able to meet the Burgess family
and spend time listening to their life in China.
They described their day to day life teaching in the university
and the time spent at Putian City SWI.
It just blessed us beyond belief that they had loved on JJ
before we ever knew her!

We were able to choose a weekend for them to come for a visit
and this just happened to be it!
It was SO close to being perfect~
we were just missing Cathy and Joanna!

Our weekend included...
face to face love~

a little swimming~

sister time~

just hanging out~

rides in the boat~

a little computer time~

being together~

one on one time~


How do you even put into words what they have done for JJ?
My heart is SO full for the Burgesses~
they are one of the most precious families we know
and will always be a huge part of JJ's story.

They were here for her dedication service today
and I will post about that tomorrow. :)


  1. Good Grief, I am crying in my coffee reading this and your original post about this amazing family... That is how I feel about the sweet guardian Angel that is loving on Emme Jade for me while I wait. Sharon what a blessing for all of you to know each other!!!! I am so happy for this wonderful and beautiful connection!


  2. Wow! What a sweet blessing this family is to you and your precious girl! So glad you got to spend more time with them!