Monday, March 28, 2011

Face to Face with God's Love

You know there are times in your life
when words just can't describe completely what you feel~
last evening being one of those times.

While we waited to travel for SJ,
we connected with many families that had or were adopting children
from Putian City SWI where she lived.
Most of them shared a little information
of an American family living/teaching in Putian
and also visited the orphanage often.

To know there was a family visiting our daughter,
singing to her,
playing with her,
loving her,
and praying for her
was the next best thing to me being there doing those things.

Scott and I prayed for them
and hoped one day we would be able to meet them face to face.

About 4 weeks before we got SJ in August 2010,
that family kissed her for the last time and headed home for a year.
In the months since we have been home,
we have connected with that American family
through emails and phone calls.

It just so happens,
they had to be at a conference in a church
not far from us and we met for dinner last evening.

Let me introduce
Sam and Cathy Burgess.
They have 5 children (3 in college and 2 at home).
They adore JingJing and were SO happy to see her!

They moved to China back in August 2002
where they teach @ Putian University.
We had been told they were right across the street from the orphanage
but it actually takes them about 45 min to an hour to visit.
They try to go several times a week
and Jing was blessed by those visits.

We met for dinner and SJ took right up with Grace.

We got them to speak Chinese to her
but she either didn't understand anymore or chose not to understand.

EK loved Ms. Cathy!

We LOVED listening to story after story after story
of the amazing place SJ came from...
both heart warming and heart wrenching!!!

Savannah and Josh were able to meet them as well.

The Burgess family will be state side until August
and then head back to China.
Because we will be traveling back through Fujian again,
we hope to see them when we go to get Will.
That will be SO wonderful!!!

Words just can't express the gratitude we have for this family
for SO many reasons other than the love they showed SJ.
They are living Jesus OUT LOUD in a place where few
would want to call home.
Why? GOD!
I praise Him for all that they are doing for Him!!!

Our goodbyes were said through prayer, tears, and big hugs...

and I could barely let Cathy go.
She is a dear precious lady
and I more blessed now because I know her personally!

We ask your prayers for them as they rest up
and spend time with their family
before going back to China.
Pray for strength and clear vision as they go
leaving three of their children here...

We are very thankful God blessed us with
His Face to Face Love in meeting the Burgess family...
I feel like we have always known them
and am sure
We Always Will.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you.

May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
and give you peace.

~Numbers 6:22-27


  1. HE is all about relationships isn't He? What a wonderful blessing for you!


  2. Wow! What an amazing family! So glad you got to meet face-to-face. Cute pictures!

  3. What an amazing family!! I wish there were more people like them loving on the orphans! And more orphanages that allowed foreigners in...that alone is amazing!

  4. Wow. that is so awesome! What an amazing blessing and link to SJ's life before you!

    People like that make me ask God - "What can I do"?!

    xo ellie

  5. Wow! What an amazing experience and to have a littler more to share with SJ when she gets older thats priceless. I get so envious of americans who are living there pouring love into the chinese. God willing it will be our family someday.

  6. wow, was a beautiful family in and out.


  7. What an wonderful opportunity to have met this amazing family face-to-face. The smile on your daughters face is priceless.