Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Little Good Will this Morning~

Annie posted these adorable photos of Will.
He loves being outside and playing on the playground!

Annie said Will would put sand in his bucket
and just laugh and laugh!

Is this not the sweetest face???

Sara giving Will a little tickle~

And then Popsicle time!!! :)

I just can't put into words how amazing it is
to see sweet Will through the eyes of Annie!!!
SO thankful!!!


  1. Hey - he already likes sand! He will love the beach next year!

    You are so, so blessed with these amazing pictures of you adorable Will! How easy it would be to fall in love with him!! I can't wait to see him through YOUR eyes too!! Soon, girl!!

  2. What a happy little face! Can't wait till you have him home!

  3. He sure looks like a happy little boy. (and he does look a lot like SJ)