Friday, June 17, 2011

Move In Day

Today we moved Amelia to college for the summer.
She will be taking one class and getting college basics under control
so that when fall comes,
she will be completely comfortable with the whole college scene.

She is rooming with her best friend from middle school~

We just took the bare necessities~

Bed made and ready~

The moving crew~

And why were these two so happy?

Because they both went back home with their families
for the weekend...
Happy Father's Day!!!


  1. It's such an exciting time for parents! Hope, joy, pride, and a whole new level of maturity to those campus to home talks. Congratulations!


  2. I can't believe she is in college now! Sniff! She looks so happy. What an exciting time for her!

  3. Hard to believe she's in college now!!! She's going to do great!