Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pool, Ladybugs, and Will~

EK invited some of her friends over after Bible School today.
They enjoyed a picnic lunch~

SJ constantly says, "I want to do my 'wimmin' lessons"
and ready to shed her swimmy.

Having the time of their lives~

Josh gave EK a ladybug land kit for Christmas
and we finally got around to ordering them.
They came in the mail today and everyone thought it was SO cool!

They came in a canister ~

They needed water~

EK said, "This is SO exciting!"

Careful observation~

AND a few new pics of Will...
doing puzzles at preschool~

playing in the sand~

and eating~

and eating~

and eating!

All in all, it was a wonderful day!!!


  1. I love how all the girlies are concentrating so hard on their lady bug land and how little Will is concentrating so hard on his puzzle! Such precious kiddos make for one lucky Mommy!! :)

  2. SO very sweet. They are all precious and looks like they had quite a fun day! Will looks adorable, too :)

  3. Ah fun! We just finished a week of VBS - I'm tired!!

    Love that you have been getting so many new photos of Will! I bet you are longing for the moment you get to put him in some Baby Gap ;)

    xo ellie

  4. Wonderful pictures all around. I love the way that Will squats. Aidan used to squat like that on the vanity to brush his teeth. Seems strange, but I miss it.


  5. Loved all the new pics of Will! The ladybug thing looks cool too.