Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This and That~

Today I woke to another photo of sweet Will @ preschool.
He was so diligently working on his finger painting~
and while EK was @ bible school,
SJ asked if she could paint not knowing I had a pic of Will painting too~
Don't you think they favor each other???

Bible School is going great!
EK says she loves it every day.
Today as we walked away SJ asked if she could go to her Bible School~
I said next year when she was 4 she could go...
she wrapped her arms around my leg and said,
"Yay! I LOVE you mama!"

When we get home,
it is time for lunch and today after EK was done
I looked over to her bar chair and this is what I saw~
Poor baby curled up sound asleep on that hard chair...

What in the world will she do when she has to make it all day @ K?
Definitely think naps will be a necessity. :)


  1. Holy cow! Will and SJ do look alot alike! They are a precious pair!

    Love the pictures of your sleeping beauty! Kindergarten is going to be hard here too!

  2. That is SO SO SO sweet!! I have been out of blog land lately, but I have LOVED catching up on all your FANTASTICALLY exciting news and pictures of PRECIOUS Will. And I am RIDICULOUSLY LOVING that his "name" is Perry!!! As if he wasn't special enough! ;) We will continue to keep your family in our prayers!! I can't wait to you all head on over to get that little angel!! :) With love...

  3. Precious little EK :) this is exactly what I feel like and do after bible school too!!!

  4. I've loved seeing all the cute pictures of little Will! He's so adorable and I can't wait until you bring him home! Glad EK is having so much fun at BS with the other kids!

  5. Not much of a commenter but I had to say "my sweet girl is in summer camp this year and she is usually OUT by the time, we get 2blocks away. No naptime is really tough on her and ME! I'm a BIG ADVOCATE of naps. I work extra hard to engage her in a convo until we make it home for bath/dinner and usually she is out again abt 7! Hard to believe this is my "hard to settle down" 4yr old!!