Friday, May 20, 2011


Amelia has always LOVED PE at school~
pretty much wanted it every semester she was in school.
One of the favorites in high school is Showtime
and this week her class traveled to several schools
to perform their 'show'.

The littles and I went to North Hart to watch
and it was fantastic!
Here are a few photos...
(Maybe a video later...)
Littles SO happy to see their Mimi~

Getting ready to perform for the school~

Good job Amelia~

Drew LOVES to aggravate EK
so this was a photo taken as a truce~

Part of the team~


A GREAT show!


  1. Amelia is such a cool kid!!! I just love the picture of her in your last post, just gorgeous. Hope life has calmed just a bit for you! Doesn't Amelia graduate next week???

  2. hi,
    congratulations for your beautiful familly !
    very nice smiles.

    friendly from south France
    Severine mother of Victoire 4years (Jiangsu - China) and waiting for number 2 from Vietnam.

  3. What a fun performance! It looks like the littles had a blast!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. why is it that high school boys LOOK like men, but act like.....well, really!?!?! ha, ha! Looks like loads of fun!!

  5. What is PE? I thought it was Physical Education?? but then you mentioned Showtime.