Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time with Tia

Yesterday we enjoyed a play date
with friends we hadn't seen since we stepped off the plane
in Greenville from China with SJ.
Ellie and Tia were there to meet us that night
and we were happy to see them again.

The girls didn't miss a beat...
they were off playing in no time flat~

Tia and EK wanted mostly to be outside...

Because of two little puppies~

Two of them...
one for Tia and one for EK~

SJ was WAY more interested in watering
all Ms. Ellie's flowers~

At one point,
we could hear Tia and EK giggling but didn't know why.
Thought they were hiding from SJ
but come to find out,
they were hiding two puppies in Tia's closet dressing them up. LOL

They should have been in trouble
but what did Ellie and I do???
our cameras! :)

Thank you Ellie and Tia~
we had a great time!!!


  1. You told the story of our fun day perfectly! I love your photos!!! Thanks again for driving to see us - we had such a wonderful time!!! hopefully we can see you more!

    xo ellie
    ps I giggle every time I think of EK & Tia hiding in the closet dressing up those puppies!!!! so cute!

  2. Those puppies are too cute! What a fun day!

  3. looks like a wonderful day:) the girls are just beautiful together!

  4. What a fun play date! All three girls are just adorable! As always, I love the matching dresses! Love the puppies too!

  5. What cute girls! Those puppies are sweet!


  6. So cute!!
    Love the girls' dresses!! Where did you get them?