Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Sunday~ Becca's 14th Birthday

My sister and her children were here this weekend
since they were on spring break.
We had a great weekend together!
Today we celebrated Becca's 14th with a yummy ice cream cake.

Three littles that were the MOST excited about the party!

After the party,
the littles were determined to get in the water
whether it was ice cold or not.

A sweet story about EK...
today I was holding Adelyn
and EK looked up at me and said,
"Mom, I have never held a real live baby before."
You should have seen her face when I asked if she wanted to hold Adelyn.
Pure joy!!!

This photo is SO special to me because it represents
three families bound together with all the love in the world!!!
God has blessed us all with beauty inside and out!!!

We love you Becca and wish you the best 14th year ever!!!

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  1. Happy 14th, Becca! Your family really is beautiful - your sister is as adorable as you ;) love the look on EK's face holding baby Adelyn, how sweet!