Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last Sunday~ Bridal Shower

I am still catching up on events from last week.
My computer and external drive trouble threw me for a loop.
(Sent my drive to a data recovery center
and should know this week IF my photos are still available)

Last Sunday four of our sweet neighbors,
Judy, Druanne, Ana, and Kathy gave Savannah a wonderful bridal shower.

Savannah LOVED it because many of her friends from school
and sorority were able to come!

It was a kitchen/recipe shower~

My most precious blessings!!!

Still don't think it has hit me
that Savannah gets married in less than three weeks.

Lots and lots of beautiful sweet friends~

and beautiful sweet aunts!!!

It was the best day and we are SO very thankful
to each and everyone who came
to shower love on our precious Savannah!!!


  1. Weddings are sooo much fun! It looks like the perfect shower day!

  2. what a great day, the girls are all so beautiful! SJ just looks so content and happy!

  3. I made the blog!!!!! So excited!!! :) I loved being able to come and help shower Savannah with gifts! ....and I loved meeting SJ and I hope she remembers that we are best friends now! :) Can't wait for the wedding!

  4. I cant believe it's three weeks away either! Your first baby is getting married! I love everyone in their dresses - makes me want to go out dress shoppng...we just don't wear enough dresses here in the Midwest :) my husband would love it though!

  5. Fun shower pictures, thanks for sharing! The wedding will be here so soon, what special times for your family!

  6. Such precious memories you're making.


  7. What a wonderful day, filled with precious memories for all fo you! I especially love the mother/daughters photo... such lovely ladies!! And I just have to say, Amelia looks so much like her mommy!! All of your girls are beautiful, and so is there mother! :)

    The count-down to the big day begins! Enjoy every moment.


  8. I cannot believe how close the wedding is getting! Oh my gosh! So exciting!

    What a lovely shower.