Monday, April 18, 2011

Showing SJ the Ropes...

Or should I say the eggs?
Today EK and SJ enjoyed an egg hunt in our front yard.
EK worked so hard showing SJ what to do.

Telling her to try to get as many as you can quickly.

This is SJ's version of that direction...

And when EK noticed she had more,
she evened it out~

I think SJ got the hang of it
and will be ready for her first egg hunt Saturday!!!

Precious sisters...
dreaming of a little brother that will be home
this time next year for his first Easter egg hunt. :)

PS... Don't you think Scott has the grass looking so beautiful???
It will be the perfect backdrop to the wedding in just 19 days!!!


  1. Such a springy post with the beautiful colors and green, green grass. Way to go Scott! That is not easy work!

  2. The yard looks beautiful. I just prayed for your weather this morning:) I was cleaning the leaves out of the pool and was thinking about getting ready for the wedding last year and remembered checking the weather 5 times a day the week before the wedding and said a little prayer for you:) Really strange how you get obsessed with the forecast when you have an outdoor wedding haha!

  3. I love those dresses. So sweet to see EllaKate with her arms around Jing in that last picture. EK is such a little mother!