Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tennis Finale

Amelia and Rosemary had their last tennis match yesterday
in the first round of the state tournament.
To quote my sweet friend Lori~
"When you give it your all....
regardless of the are never a loser!!"

The team played hard to the end.
Amelia and Sarah were the last to walk off the court
and I fought hard to hold back the tears...
until I caught sight of Amelia's glistening eyes.
There was no holding back then...
Amelia and Sarah have been doubles partners for four years
and to know that was the last match they would probably play
was a little overwhelming.

It seems like yesterday when we had just moved to Hartwell
and Amelia asked if she might take tennis lessons
and go out for the high school tennis team.

Rosemary is following right in her sister's footsteps...
first year on HS team with her sweet friends
and watching Amelia makes me realize
just how fast the next three years will go.

After the match,
Coach Burch took the girls to our local Mexican place
to celebrate a great season.
A wonderful group of girls!!!

Coach Burch with seniors~
Amelia, Nicole, and Sarah.

Amelia's biggest fan, her dad~

US too!

And my sweet friend Cyrise with her daughter Sarah...

It is SO bittersweet for it all to come to an end
but most things do to make way for bigger and better. :)
That's what I'm telling myself anyway.
SO thankful our girls are part of such an amazing group
blessed over and over by friendship!!!


  1. Change is hard for I watch my eldest DD#1 get ready to finish her final year of highschool and go off to another country to university, I am trying to take the same approach. Embrace and to celebrate change...but as a mom, I so miss the time my eldest was a sweet little baby....LOL...I like your approach about this. Inspirational. Ella Kate and Jing are the sweetest..
    CTG proud and grateful mother of three DD's (two born in China)..

  2. Shay,

    The lasts are so difficult!!! I would have been trying to hold back the tears too!

    The future is so bright for Amelia - and wow, she and Sarah look so much alike!

    xo ellie