Friday, April 8, 2011

Devastated, yet Blessed

Devastated is the word describing me for the past 2 days...
Let me ask you a question~
IF your house caught fire,
what would you grab AFTER you knew your family was out safe???
Your most prized possessions?

For me it would be...
my photos and scrapbooks
and right now I am devastated
because I'm not sure if my digital photos are safe.

For you see,
I made a TERRIBLE mistake.
I had all my photos on an external hard drive~
(thought getting them off my computer was great)
BUT, I should have backed them up in two places
because Wednesday evening
something went wrong
and my external crashed.

My computer stopped recognizing it
and I freaked out!!!

I took my computer and the external to a computer doctor
but he was unable to access my data.
He thinks because it is still under warranty,
there is a chance WD could get it off for me.
Still waiting to find out and to say my stomach is in knots
is a gross understatement!!!

I'm not writing this to get sympathy and kind words.
I'm writing this so you will NOT make this same mistake.
BACK UP your data in at least two places right now!!!
I pray I get a second chance to do this
and if I do~
I will never make this same mistake.

If I do lose my photos (6 years worth),
I will always be sick over it BUT
I do have things to be thankful for...

~ I have diligently scrapbooked and blogged with lots of photos.
~ All my favorite photos are safe on Flickr!

The worst part is ALL my China photos are on that drive
and I have not made SJ's China book yet.
Thank goodness, EK's is done!!!

IF you have read this far,
Thank you!
I wish with all my heart this was not happening to me
but it is and I am trying to be thankful in the midst of it all...

I have MUCH to be thankful for
including this precious self portrait SJ drew of herself this week.
When she drew it, she said,
"Look my mom, I am SO happy!"

Devastated I may have lost all the photos of this precious baby
yet blessed I still have her in my arms
and for that I couldn't ask for more!!!


  1. Oh no! Praying they can be saved....I can imagine how awful you must feel! It must be a little sign for me....I was strangely just thinking earlier that I should back mine up somewhere other than my external drive in case something were to happen to it. I shrugged it off thinking nothing would happen. Guess I was wrong!!

  2. how about using another computer to try & retrieve the photos? hope they can be saved. hugs.


  3. Praying too! I have thought of using Mozy as a second backup. I'm not as good as you in leaving photos in other places. Ugh.

    You ARE blessed- let's pray God blesses you again!

  4. As you know...don't know much about computers, but I will pray!!
    Raybon drew his first sef-portrait today. He also did one of Michael and I cute. It looked very much like SJ's.

    Love you!!

  5. Sharon,
    You know I totally get this... My laptop was ruined by a cute little girl with a glass of water a few months ago... Some of it I will never get back...
    I am very thankful for Flickr, and some things I did burn to disk.. But, if I lost everything, I know I would be devastated too...

    I am devastated for you... I will pray that they are retrieved, and you can put this nightmare behind you!


  6. P.S: Any chance you saved your SD cards from China?

  7. Oh I'm sooooo sorry, I am praying you can get them back!! I only have my pics on my computer for this past year so I need to back up again!! I would be devastated too!!

  8. I am SOOOO sorry. I am so glad you have your favorite pics on Flickr and on your blog. Praying all the photos can be retrieved!

  9. Our house burned when I was twelve. We got the dog out. Lost the rest of the animals and just about everything else. But the photos were under my parents' bed on the far corner of the house from where the fire started (in the attached barn). They are priceless! Good thing you post so many here, because you'll never lose them all.


  10. I'm praying, too, that you'll get them back and everything will be ok! That's just crazy that that happened! Scary!

  11. Oh NO! Going to back up to my hard drive right now and look into an online service, too!

  12. Shay, I'm praying that somehow your hard drive can be saved! sorry. :(


  13. Shay,

    I'm feeling a little bit sick for you :( I know exactly how you are feeling.

    praying praying praying for your photos to be retrieved! so thankful you are so faithful at blogging and putting photos on flickr! (That is why I load lots on flickr too!)

    xo ellie

  14. This happened to us - turned out the external fried - and it turned out to be a very common problem!!!! The hard disk itself failed so we had to copy the raw data to a new hard disk. Made a clone of the external drive using "Acronis" and then buying a software called "GetDataBack" and luckily was able to recover the majority of our files. Sometimes dropping the external hard drive into a LINIX partition can recognize the external too but since ours was fried, we couldn't do that. Yes whatever we all do, we need multiple back-ups as well as online back-ups! Kodakgallery has unlimited storage as long as you spend a minimum per year. Good luck and keep us posted, Wendy

  15. I'm just getting a moment of free time to read some blogs. I can't believe this happened. I hope by now you have recovered all your lost photos. I thought that happened to me once. I can totally understand the feelings you have experienced. It is so devastating.