Saturday, April 9, 2011

{Guest Blogger- Josh's Recital}

Shay has a guest blogger for the evening...
Her oldest daughter, Savannah

Last weekend Josh had a voice recital. He majored in Music-Vocal Performance, and was asked to perform at his college that he attended. It was so wonderful to go and hear him sing. He sang 15 songs, 12 of which were in a different language. He has the absolute most beautiful voice I've ever heard, and I'm thankful I will be able to hear it forever! He did a wonderful job! A few of our friends (Josh's best college friends) came to listen to him as well. We had a great evening spending time together!

This is the music building where he spent most of his college life. It is a beautiful place!

 The beautiful concert hall! The acoustics are state of the art!

 This is his favorite music teacher of all time, Ms. Naylor. She is a very sweet and fun lady!

Two of Josh's best friends, Bryan and Robby.

 His biggest fan :)

 Our sweet group of friends that came to support!

I am so thankful to have such a talented fiance! He amazes me each and everyday!


  1. Not your fiancé for long, Savannah!! I wish we could hear Josh too, you big lucky!


  2. Sounds like a great evening, but I was getting ready for an audio clip and then your post ended :(


  3. Savannah - I'm a huge fan of both yours & your mama's have such an amazing family & it's obvious that you and Josh have found that special love that some can only hope for. My husband & I married young also and are still head over heels for each other 16 years and 3 kiddos later.

  4. Savannah,
    My Dad was a famous tenor in his day.. And, to this day I never tire of hearing him sing... He is in his 80's now!!! What a blessing for you and for your children one day!!!

    Congratulations on your engagement, and blessings for a wonderful wedding and happily ever after!