Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday EK!

Today was a beautiful day for a birthday~
the 6th for EllaKate
and can I say... It is SO hard to believe!!!
Seems like yesterday she was placed in my arms
far away in Chongqing, China.
I prayed so much for her mother in China that gave her life.
Incredibly thankful God allowed me to be her momma forever!!!

We had a BIG day
and will go into more detail this weekend...
for now I give you a pic from a week or so back.

E~ Extremely beautiful
L~ Lovely inside and out
L~ Loves to Laugh!
A~ Animal Crazy!!
K~ Kind always to Jing
A~ Artistic and Creative
T~ Talkative
E~ Energetic

A precious gift to our family!!!
James 1:17


  1. Happy Birthday!! (Gracie's is today!)
    Those dimples are so stinkin' cute!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful - and so very loved! little EK!!!

    xo ellie & tia too!

  3. Birthday Blessings to EllaKate!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I cannot believe she is six!

  5. Happy Birthday Ellakate!!!!! I hope to see you soon.

  6. Hope your sweet girl had a great b-day!