Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Passions and Hobbies~ Joy to Love

Scott might not call this his passion or hobby~
but he sure spends LOTS of time in our yard
and now that we have a wedding to get ready for...
he will be out there a lot more!
He usually has our golf cart loaded down with his tools
and always has Fisher right by his side.

My passions are many...
my family, reading, photog, sewing, blogging,
and adoption...
Speaking of adoption~
guess whose little face we saw exactly one year ago tonight???
Precious little Lin JingJing~
ShayleeJoy JingJing.
It was LOVE at first sight!!!


  1. I started to follow your blog a while back and have never commented. I was amazed by your trust and faith during your SJ's surgery. And I wanted to thank you for posting! We have just received some unfortunate news about our youngest childs health, who arrived home 6 months ago from China, and I can only hope to handle it with as much grace as you do!


  2. I remember seeing her for the first time too, and hearing she had a family. She is such a little love and she is in the perfect family, right where God planned all along! Mary
    P.S My box says Epiphanie on it!!! I will have to post a picture of my old bag, you will laugh your socks off!

  3. perfect pictures for your project! A man and his dog and parents and their child.

    Beautiful photos Sharon!


  4. What adorable referral pictures!

    Love the hobby picture too!