Thursday, February 10, 2011

Space~ Where they are comfortable: Joy to Love~ Kelly Moore Bag

At first I thought of sharing the spaces each of rest~
but you've seen all that...
The Master

The Little's Room

The Big's Upstairs Rooms

And THEN I thought of a little red space
that came in the mail
from my sweet mom for my birthday...
and the perfect size for an amateur like me. :)
Holds my camera with a lens plus two other lenses or a flash.
Lots of pockets for organizing
and probably my favorite thing is the color~
RED... for China!!! :)
I guess you could say
my camera has a space to be comfortable now too
(and not in the bottom of my purse).


  1. LOVE your sweet home. It is so tempting to move out of Southern CA when I see how huge other houses are. Your bedroom is bigger than my house lol. I also LOVE the pick of your sleeping beauty.

  2. Happy Birthday to you TOO!!! And I got a Kelly Moore bag TOO! Lucky us!! :) Now if I just took more pics...sigh.

  3. Wow! I love that bag. So pretty in red. Your house is lovely too. I plan on getting the girls a lovely trundle bed like yours someday (when I can get Chloe to sleep on her own). If she waits much longer, I may have to settle for matching twins.

  4. Beautiful spaces! And, so tidy!

    LOVE, red anything!


  5. Love your style of pretty!

    Red is my favorite color...
    I received a Kelly Moore bag for Christmas and love it.


  6. I love, love, love your rooms (and birthday bag too)!

  7. I love your bag too!! Wonder if that could EVER be on the horizon around here?? Well, in the meantime, I will just dream of China with you!!

  8. I love your new camera bag!!!! Gorgeous! And the rooms are gorgeous too!!!! And, well you know how I feel about those gorgeous Chinese princesses of yours so I wont even get started :) Happy Birthday, I hope its a great one!