Monday, February 7, 2011

Just so You Know...

I finally finished rebuilding 2005-2009 years on my blog.
I have to say,
I am very terrible about tagging posts
but am now going back through and tagging...
I have EK's Adoption, SJ's Adoption, and SJ's Surgery all complete.
Just in case you were wanting to read about our trips. :)
Just go to the sidebar and locate the Label Cloud~
Click on the label you wish to read
and WOW.... there it is! :)

365 Amelia AnniversaryBaba BandW Wed beachBecca and Sam BeginningBible Study cheerleadingChina Chri Christmaschurch CNY college Cross Roads Dance Dentist DoctorEaster EK EK 4 BD EK Adoption EK BD EK Friends EK Hot ShotsEllaKate EllaKate DayEllaKates 5th bd familyfather's day First FridayFisher Fourth of July gardenGod Gymnastics HalloweenHartwell HK DisneyHomecoming HomeschoolHorses Hot Shots HouseJason Jessica John EK JoshJoy to Love Labor Day LakeLakeshore Madelyn Mama Ankerich Marcia Maxmemommy memorial dayMing Jiao Mom MommaMother's Day museum New Year's Day New Year's EvePapa Papa Ferguson PartyPhotography Pool PopPumpkin Patch Rosie sav]Savannah School scottscrapbooks SewingSharon Shaylee SJ Adoption SnowSpring Spring Break SummerSunday Snapshot Surgerysusan and tony TennisThankful Thanksgiving TOFVacation Valentine's DayWelborn Yard Youth zoom


  1. It must feel wonderful to be organized! Cudos to a job well done.

    I will continue to follow and enjoy reading about your family adventures.

  2. Love getting these kind of things done!

    Post below is just precious!


  3. Good Morning Sharon, I'm impressed! I too am so bad about tagging. I have been wanting to go through all my posts and tag the ones where I have not. What a great job rebuilding 4 years. I am eager to go back and catch up on all of you.

    God Bless-