Monday, February 7, 2011

Generations~ Joy to Love

Three years ago this summer,
Scott and I moved back to the hometown we both grew up in...
same town,
same high school,
same church,
same house (Scott's childhood home).
About a year later,
we bought our current home on the lake.

Best part about the whole thing~
we are a few miles from lots of family...
Mama, daddy, my brother and family,
Scott's sister and brother's families
not to mention tons of extended family.

We eat at least once a week together
with my parents and Jason, Amy, & Max.
Last night we enjoyed a superbowl fiesta here at our house
which was the perfect time for a
Joy to Love~ Generation Photo!

It is a sweet thing to have my parents so close
to share in the day to day life of all the girls.
I grew up living near my MaMa Martin
and she probably had the biggest influence on my life
other than my own parents.
Now my children are gleaning this same influence
into their lives too.

My parents are NOT the photo op type but they allow me
to capture them from time to time~
last night being one of those times.

Here they are~ Generations...
Memommy and Pop.

Earlier in the day
I looked out to find EK play with her 'other' best friend~

Both Amelia and Savannah made the local newspaper!


  1. What great pictures and awesome achievements!!

  2. Yay girls! Such a blessing to be so close to family!

  3. What a wonderful photo of your girls and their grandparents. They are so lucky to live close by and experience first hand the love of a grandparent. There is nothing like it!

  4. Wow! You are sooo blessed to have family so close! Our families are 1-3 hours away so it's not quite the same!

  5. Beautiful post and wonderful that you live so close. Grandparents are THE best, I grew up with my Grandmother about 5 minutes away!!!!

    And congrats to your 2 big girls!!! :)


  6. How wonderful to be close to all of your family. Because we are a military family, we are usually so a distance away. Wefeel blessed to be so close to my Mom's side of the family right now. We move in 3 1/3 months so away we go again.

    Your girls are so accomplished and beautiful. Congratulations.

    God Bless-

  7. Sometimes we think of moving, but we have so much that others don't have in an enormous extended family. We'll never be homeless or hungry. It's wonderful, and wonderful that your daughters are enjoying that same thing. Congratulations on the cup and the 4.0! Terrific news.

  8. You're very blessed to be so close to your parents. :>) I wish with all my heart that Max and baby Martin could be closer to mine. I'm very thankful, though, they are close to yours, because they are wonderful!