Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary and LID

We logged in for Shaylee one year ago today. I spent a lot of time today thinking about her and where she will be when we get our call. EllaKate talks about her little sister all the time. We can't wait for them to have each other!!! Wishing the Hendry family a happy LID day too. They are logged in with us and hope we all travel together to get Shaylee and Abby. We are praying for perfect timing and God's will for us to have the sweet girls He already has chosen for our families!!!

We have been married for 22 years today. We can't believe it has been so long... time flies when you're having fun! We weren't able to take a little trip due to our move and a party for Tony, so Scott planned a get away on the lake. We invited Jeff and Cathy (23rd anniversary on June 1) to go with us in the boat to a wonderful restaurant on the lake in South Carolina called The Galley. We all had a delicious meal and a fun time just talking and laughing. Can't think of a more romantic place to be with my best friend and precious husband than on the lake!!! Here are a few pictures from the evening...


  1. So enjoying seeing these retro posts! We were logged in for our mei mei on 10/10/07...with friends we met when we traveled for Lia. We so hoped to travel with them again...

    I hope the girls are feeling better!!

  2. What a fun flashback post! You two are a fabulous couple!