Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our New House

We took ownership of our new home yesterday @ 5pm. The girls and I were there shortly after- me cleaning and them swimming. Amelia came in and asked if she could invite a few friends over after youth group. Of course... well you see who will come if you invite and we were so happy to have them. We grilled hotdogs and enjoyed our first pool party. I have a feeling there are many more to come. Scott and Jeff began work on the house last night. They took up all the shoe molding and ripped out all the carpet. Contractors began sanding our hardwoods and painters began working in the guest house for Savannah this morning. Scott and Jeff are there hanging new lighting and will put bead board in the house garage this afternoon. I plan to go over and vacuum the cabinets and get them ready to organize. I know where the girls will be. If you are ever in the area... please stop by!!!

Today Scott and I are so thankful for our good friend, Jeff Lopes. He is such a giving person. He rode back and forth with Scott to Atlanta for a year and they became such great friends. He helped us get this house ready to live in, helped move us to Hartwell, and now begins helping with our new house. We left the new house last night about 11:30 and I said, "There goes one great friend." Scott said, "They come any better!!!" Not only is he helping us but he is getting on a plane Sunday to fly to Michigan and drive Jason and Amy home. Today we are so thankful Jeff, Cathy, and the boys moved here with us to Hartwell. Our whole family continues to be blessed by their friendship!

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