Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Anniversary Present

We went to Elberton today and chose two slabs of granite for our counter tops. Can you tell anything about it? We picked slabs that are very different from any other I have seen in houses. They have porous areas where you can see down into the granite- really cool. EllaKate loved it because it has 'sparkles'. They will probably be installed week after next.

What else have we done? Scott and Jeff have cleaned out tons of junk in the cross base and garages. They have also hung a few light fixtures, pulled out all the carpet, installed bead board in the garage, and taken out the old stove. The men have sanded on the floors for 3 days and hopefully will put on the stain tomorrow. We shall see. I took about 10 boxes of kitchen things and put them in the top cabinets today. That was exciting!!! Things are coming along. We plan to spend time tomorrow enjoying our pool and our girls!!!

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