Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is It Spring?~ Sunday Snapshot

Nooooo, but it sure has felt like it this weekend~
70 degrees both days...
just three weeks ago we had about six inches of snow on the ground.
Really makes me excited for warm weather.

EK found these 'flowers' in our front yard! :)

The littles are under the weather
but I thought getting outside for some fresh air
might just be what the doctor ordered.
To say they had fun is an understatement.

I have a sweet blogger friend Lisa that wrote the sweetest post
about the closeness her two daughter share~
I too am SO thankful our two girls have each other forever...
they are fine on their own
but SO much happier and stronger when they are together.
Both have made big strides since becoming sisters.

Have I shared that the wedding ceremony is to be in our front yard
and the reception in the back around the pool?
The plans we have been able to make and imagine look SO beautiful!!!
While the girls were playing,
Scott worked very hard in our front yard~
he added a little side wall of bricks down the side of our sidewalk.
Looks SO great!!!
We were ALL so thankful for such a beautiful weekend
and are hoping for more very soon!!!


  1. Wow! What wonderful weather to have green and 'flowers' growing. Gorgeous!

  2. The girls are just beautiful! It was -1 here in Pa. this week. Blessings

  3. I love your blog and have been following it since Christmas time. We have a 4 year old from China and my oldest got married last summer in our front yard and reception in the back:) such a fun time!! I've got plenty of pics if your daughter wants to see any of her ideas:) enjoy this wonderful time!!!

  4. Sharon, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts this morning on my blog. So profound...

    ps your family is beautiful!! Have a lovely week.


  5. sharon,
    I just posted some wedding pics on my blog that you can check out:) My husband worked as much the week before the wedding as I did the entire engagement! Love all your pics!!

  6. It was a picture perfect day, wasn't it? Sweet, sweet girls!

  7. So you have dandelions in your yard after getting that big snow? We're getting some monster snow storm in the next day or 2. Love seeing your cuties outside in the warm weather.

    Hope they're feeling better!



  8. What an amazing winter you're having. First the kids are sledding, and now your husband is doing yard work-in the same month! We're about to get buried with 1-1/2 feet of snow over the next couple of days, so we're stocking up and hunkering down. Our winter started really late so we're making up for lost time.

    I'm sure that your place will be a beautiful spot for the wedding celebration. Are these two practicing to be flower girls, by any chance?


  9. I dont comment often, but had to say...."Oh wow!! A wedding just like the movie~Father of the bride~! I love that picture!! I know it's gonna be beautiful ceremony as well!

  10. What? Dandelions already?
    And I can't WAIT to see pictures of the wedding.. I am sure it will be gorgeous!
    Loving those sweet sister pictures :)