Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm So Excited!!!

For some reason SJ noticed for the first time last night
her pjs had little girls on them.
SJ: What her name mama?
Me: She's a ballerina.
SJ: ShayleeJoy is a ballerina.
Me: ShayleeJoy wants to be a ballerina?
(Points to herself...)
SJ: Ballerina
SO when she woke up this morning,
she wanted to dress up like a ballerina~
went to the playroom, chose an outfit,
and called herself 'Ballerina' all morning. :)

And the reason
My printed Blog Books came today
and I LOVE them!!!!!

Every story I wrote for 2010 including:
SJ's referral, EK's 5th BD, Vacation,
Savannah's Engagement,
Rosie~Learner's Permit, SJ Day, Heart Surgery,
Amelia~ Homecoming Dance,
and all my 24 years of Christmases!!!
Plus tons more!
I couldn't be more thrilled with how they turned out
and know they will only increase in value
as the years pass away.
I'm more committed than ever to keep my blog going
and encourage each of you to do the same!!!


  1. What a sweet ballerina story and cute picture too!

    Congrats on printing your family scrapbook. I just recently uploaded my blog to print it. I used Blog 2 Print and it was soooo easy. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

  2. Sharon, what service did you use for printing the books? I'd love to have something like this too. Better than any lifebook I can put together.


  3. Sharon...I've been wanting to print my blog for a while now. You have given me that push I've needed to make it happen. I'm going to go and check out the website of the company you used. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh I love them! What service did you use? I've heard of people looking for these but they say the programs are difficult to navigate and they can't get the pictures the way they want them. Did you have trouble with that?

  5. I just ordered mine for 2006-2007! I cannot wait to get it! How exciting!


  6. Yay for the blog books!! They look awesome! I can't wait to see mine printed!!

  7. As always, I have questions.... do the comments appear in the book? Can you edit the content prior to printing or does it just pick up the entire blog? I'm really interested....

  8. I want to know what company you used to! Mixon Mania is 5 years old and I need to get it printed by year. Also, do you back everything up on an online server? I read somewhere that we should in addition to a hard drive. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

  9. Oh! I forgot to ask, is SJ referring to herself as Shaylee Joy much now? I remember you saying that she still liked to be called Jing.

  10. Gee, sorry for all the comments!!! I just saw your hyperlink. Disregard my first question!

  11. Love the picture of cute! I just uploaded my blog to print too! Haven't actually ordered them, but can't wait!

  12. How sweet is SJ in that photo!!!

    So excited to see your books.... they look TERRIFIC!! I have been saying I was going to do one for the last three years and have yet to do it. One of these days:)

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday~



  13. Your books look amazing!! I love that ShayleeJoy is calling herself ShayleeJoy!!! How precious is she??

  14. That picture is amazing. you still want to try to do newborn pics of baby Martin? I need to start looking up some ideas and looking for props! We'll probably want to do them about a week after we're home. Sara Wise said that's the best time. I can't afford her anymore, I don't think!

  15. Bravo to you for making those books! They will certainly be treasures. For a couple of years, I was making annual books and then I don't know what happened. I guess I just got lazy. Hopefully, I can find inspiration in your hard work to do likewise.

    Thanks for the tip about backing up the blog.