Monday, August 6, 2007

First Day @ HCMS and HCHS

Today was the first day of school in Hart County. We had orientation last night and it was wonderful @ both schools. Amelia had to pick up her schedule @ 5:00 and then we went to her homeroom @ 6. Jessie, my brother's daughter (Amelia's 1st cousin who is senior this year) took us around and showed Amelia how to get to all her classes. We met all the teachers and lots of new friends. I think Amelia will have a great year!

At 7:00 we went to the middle school for orientation. We started in the gym with a big meeting and then followed her schedule in order to meet her teachers. We were able to meet each teacher and Rosie already knew some friends so it was really fun to see them there. Actually a some new friends of ours, Stephen and Kathy Carter, invited Rosie to Emily's bd party so Rosie could meet some friends before school started. What a sweet thing to do!

Finally about 8:30 we made it home, ate dinner, and got to bed. The girls had so much fun picking out outfits for today and getting their bookbags ready.

This morning was so peaceful. EllaKate and I were up to see Scott off about 6:00 and we got the girls up about 6:30. By 7 they were dressed, fed, rooms cleaned, teeth brushed, and ready to go. We were amazed at how much time we had to just relax.. and play with Ella. We took some pictures. Here they are waiting to go.

I had to leave around 7:45 to drop off Rosie. I was @ the school in 10 minutes. Here is Rosie looking back @ me so I could snap a picture as she walked into Hart Co Middle School. Oh my, how can that be? It seems just yesterday that we stayed home everyday and homeschooled kindergarten. Time passes like turning the pages of a book- said my late grandmother Martin.

Going, Going, gone.....
Jessie wanted to take Amelia on her first day, so she came by about 7:50 to pick up Amelia and Jordan. Jessie is so sweet to be taking such good care of Amelia. How great is it that she can ride with Jessie and walk in with her today and not be afraid of walking alone. Thank You Jesus!!!

As I walked this morning, all I could do was praise the Lord that our first morning had been so wonderful. I pray each day will continue to be blessings for the girls, that they will make lots of friends, and will be so happy here in our new home of Hartwell.

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