Sunday, August 5, 2007

We're Home

It is so wonderful to be home, although when crossing back into Georgia, we almost kept going on to Atlanta instead of getting off in Hartwell- pure habit. We had a great end to our vacation. I think because I couldn't post pictures and it took so long to get online, I finally quit wasting my time. I am glad to be back home with fast service and the capability to post pictures! Hopefully you will go back to the older posts and take a look at the pictures I added. For the next few days, I will add pictures. On Friday, we had a pretty cloudy day, so I didn't take any pictures and we really didn't stay out on the beach that much. We took the girls to the outlets, and Scott says, "They broke the bank." What do you expect when 5 girls go shopping? We found some great things for back to school.

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