Monday, July 30, 2007

Vacation Monday

Monday @ the Beach We started the day with a great 3 mile walk. EllaKate loves to ride in her stroller! She greets everyone we meet with, "Good Morgan!"- instead of Good Morning. So cute!!! Scott and Rosie went along too. We came back, ate breakfast, and headed to the beach. 6 people, 6 chairs, 6 towels, 3 boogie boards, sand toys, and beach bags..... it took so effort to get there. EllaKate LOVES the sand and water. She played and played with her buckets and shovel. No one sound came out of her- she was so serious about her play! She discovered her pool boat and wanted it blown up. Scott did and they took her to the pool. I have already finished one book and on to the second!!! I just finished a Focus on the Family book called Saving Levi by Bentley about a Chinese orphan left to die in a field, found and taken to an orphanage, and adopted by the American family there running the facility. A heartwarming story!!!

Tuesday @ the Beach It was a beautiful day! Sunshine all day, and the girls loved jumping waves. Our schedule for the day is usually beach by 10, lunch @ 12:30, Ella and Scott nap @ 1 while the rest of us head back to the beach, Ella and Scott back to the beach by 2:30, and we are back up by 4:30 so we can eat dinner early. Each day we wait for the lemon ice cart to come by so we can enjoy a cold treat in the hot sun. EllaKate LOVED them!!! Tonight we went to Lee's Inlet Kitchen and had blackened and grilled seafood. It was delicious!!! The girls are not too big on seafood so it is getting a little old to them. We had to make a Walmart run and then back to the condo to make homemade ice cream. Susan, Tony, and Ansleigh made it here about 8:00. We look forward to another great day @ the beach tomorrow!

Thursday @ the Beach Can it be Thursday already??? Where has the week gone? We are having a ball! Savannah loves reading in her chair on the beach, while Amelia and Rosie constantly go from the ocean to the pool and back all day, and EllaKate is so content to just sit in the sand and dig. She loves walking with her dad and picking up shells. She had the biggest fit today because when she put shells in her bucket of water, they sank, BUT when she put sticks in, they floated, and that made her so ill. How do you explain float and sink to a 28 mth old? She wanted everything to go to the bottom of the bucket. Scott showed EllaKate how to make a sandcastle with wet sand, and she was very good at it. I thought the picture of their hands was so sweet!!! Priceless.

The 3 big girls went with Susan and Jennifer to High Steppin' Country tonight, so Scott and I are here with a sleeping baby, eating lemon pie and drinking coffee. Until tomorrow....

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