Sunday, July 29, 2007


We left for our vacation this morning about 9:30 and arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC @ 4:30. What took us so long? Well, Scott was traveling with five girls... We always stay in Garden City, south of Myrtle Beach in a condo high rise called Surf Master. Scott's mom and dad bought it about 13 years ago and left it to the children when they passed. We will be here until next Sunday. Susan and Tony are coming Tuesday. The beach is one of my favorite places in all the world. I sit on the beach and look out on the amazing expanse of the ocean -How could anyone see it and not believe God is real? It is breath taking every time I see it!

After we unpacked the car, we decided to go for food. We ate @ Nance's, went by the grocery store, and went shopping @ Wings. The girls always want a new SC shirt every year. They found shirts and discovered a henna tattoo artist and decided to get one. Yes, I know you are thinking.... you all let them get tattoos??? Yes, in the past they have always wanted hair wraps and now it is tattoos... actually they look more like they drew on their foot with a sharpie marker and will disappear in about 3 weeks. Savannah- a sun, Amelia- a flower, and Rosemary- a butterfly. We are looking forward to a great day of sun, surf, and fun!!!

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