Saturday, July 28, 2007


We went to my brother's pool again with Marcia and kids plus some more cousins! We have really been blessed to visit with so many relatives lately. My cousin, Suzanne and 3 of her daughters came to swim with us. Suzanne has 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys, and she homeschools all of them. She is one amazing person! We are so glad to be so close to each other again since I moved home. We were best friends growing up and plan to hang out more.

Our niece, Jennifer from Charlotte, NC was in town visiting yesterday and came by to see us. She has two children, Carson and Robert. Ella and Carson are pretty close in age and Robert is 7 months. Ella and Carson kind of played along side each other dressing up and such. Ella was so interested in Robert. She sat and watched whatever he did. It was fun catching up on all the news!

My sister Marcia has been visiting this week with her children Rebecca and Samuel. Rebecca brought her teddy bear with and guess who decided she would take it??? Yes, EllaKate. Rebecca was a little worried and EllaKate was determined to keep him. So.... while shopping one day, Marcia and I found a bigger bear than Rebecca's for Ella. We bought him and sure enough, Ella loved him and really hasn't been without him since. We named him Max and as you can see, he is the same size as Ella. I was amazed that I got such sweet smiles from Ella during this photo session.

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