Sunday, January 16, 2011

Church~ Sunday Snapshot

Church is one of EK's most favorite places to be
and to be honest she really hasn't been very much since we came home from China.
I help with our Children's Ministry team
but haven't been too involved as SJ adjusted to home.
I needed to be there yesterday
and EK loved being in her class.
My mom (Memommy) takes care of the baby room
so SJ floated between me @ the check in table
into the baby room.
I would say she had a fun time too!

Playing baby and doing what Memommy was doing
made SJ feel very safe and secure. :)

EK's class has been learning~
Jesus takes care of everyone.
Ms. Sheryl invited the local paramedics to come for a visit
and allow the children a tour of the ambulance.
Once EK and SJ realized it was just a visit,
they both relaxed and enjoyed it very much!

We are very blessed to have such dedicated community helpers
but we all know who OUR hero is!!!

Check in with Ni Hao Y'all for more Sunday Snapshots!


  1. Glad that EK was able to get back and that SJ had a good time, too.


  2. So glad it was fun for everyone! That was nice of them to let the kids tour it and all. I bet they loved it!

  3. How neat! The girls are just dolls!! Especially LOVE SJ's precious smile!!! :)

  4. Your girls are adorable!

    Love their outfits!!!


  5. Please share where you got your girl's coats.

  6. Great pictures!! Love the one in the nursery where she has that big ol' grin... adorable!
    And what a cool opportunity for them to see the inside of an ambulance!