Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

I had planned to get EK a DS for her birthday in April
but in the midst of a little cleaning spree~
the bigs found their old ones and gave one to her.
It didn't take very long for SJ to drop the Leapster
and ask if she could play EK's DS.
We let her try it and that was all it took...
she is hooked and they both love playing their little games~
best part is... didn't cost us a dime. :)

Both girls also have a big fuzzy pink blankets
and they LOVE to play butterfly with them.
They had them out this morning
and I thought they looked so sweet!

We were excited to go to Rosie's basketball game today
and watch her cheer.
She and her squad did a GREAT job!!!


  1. They are all darling (those intent littles and that pretty cheerleader too!). :-)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  2. Aidan took to his DS immediately-he especially loves it on car trips. The girls make lovely pink butterflies. Sounds like you're finally out of the snow.


  3. They are so darned cute! LOVE the pink fuzzies! :) Looking forward to the day that we will have those here again! :)