Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Last Holiday

It seems like we have been on holiday
for about a month now...
other than 3 days in school~
I guess that's just about correct.
Scott was off work today too so we decided a family outing was in order...
to watch the Gym Dogs in Athens.

The girls had such a great time together!!!

We were able to see Suzanne, Sarah Ellen, Grace Anne, and Emily.

I also ran into a sweet FB/blogger friend Robyn today~
she recognized Scott but couldn't place him until she saw me...
we both agreed the adoption community is such a special connection.
We both have babies from China with TOF
and have been through surgery for both @ Egleston.
It was so sweet to actually meet each in person!!!

It was the BEST day spent with these precious girls!!!

Wondering where Savannah was???
One word: RUSH...
I'm sure photos will post on her blog very soon!!! :)


  1. I was there too :(( I am so sad !!!!!!! Aren't they so awesome though!

  2. Hi Sharon! I am such a Georgia Gymnastics Fan! I live for College gymnastics to start in Jan. every year. I was so sad last year when they ended their long winning streak (5 years in a row). I know the team missed Courtney Kupets and coach Yoculan. I'm eager to see how they do this year. How fun you get to go and cheer them on with your girls! I was a gymnast and coached gymnastics for 20 years. Love the sport!

    How great to run into a precious friend. Love it!

    The girls look so always!

  3. I saw your blog on First a Pearl, then a Ruby and had to comment. We were at the Gym Dogs yesterday as well. My DD is a level 4 and loves it. We enjoyed it yesterday and can't wait to go back. Love the pictures.

  4. So jealous - I want to go watch the Gym Dogs! I coach gymnastics in IL and roomed with Shayla Worley at camp (Flip Fest) this past summer. She's a riot!

  5. Glad you had a great time! I'd love to go sometime too!

  6. Looks like so much fun! I can't believe how different SJ is looking. She just has the most peaceful face. I just love it! The love of a family!