Sunday, October 3, 2010

Savannah and Josh Weekend

Friday night we had all the chicks in the nest
if for only 18 hours or so.
Amelia and Rosemary left for a retreat
around 2 on Saturday
and we were left with 2 bigs and 2 littles...
The littles LOVED having S&J home to play!
Someone fell in love with someone this weekend. :)
My oldest and my youngest.
Savannah said the sweetest thing this weekend~
"I can't imagine how much I will love my own kids
when I love EK&SJ so much!"
That makes a mom's heart so full!!!

We pretty much spent the whole day outside.
Jing loved pulling this little cart around.

Our golf cart had been a little sick lately
so Scott took it for a check up
and it came home feeling much better!
Jing LOVED riding in it.

Lake has gone down SO much
Scott took the boat out of the lake
and had it winterized~
tucked away in our garage for the winter.

Josh was so sweet to play with EK in the playhouse.

There is a pasture with horses near our house
and the girls love to go down to see them.
They came right to the fence and waited to be petted.
This is their favorite.
Amelia came out for a little while to play.

The trampoline wasn't to be forgotten either.
Josh got some shots of the girls jumping.
Even Jing got a little bouncing in...
laughed so hard!
Beautiful EK!
See the Joy pouring out???
A sweet shot...

Then it was time for some college football~
can you guess who these two pull for???
Go Vols...

Savannah made the most delicious chili
for us all to enjoy while we watched the games.
Here are the girls playing together
while we wait.
We also had Amy, Jason, & Max over~
Max is giving Jing a hug.
Jing loving on Savannah's leg.
Hoping the Vols can pull it out...
It was the best of weekends!!!
So thankful for each of our girls and Big Josh!!!


  1. Glad to see everyone is doung well. It is great that the girls are all bonding. Yeahhh!!! I loved all the cuddly pictures too. The one with JJ on Savannah's knee. LOVE IT!!

  2. I don't think there's anything more special than having them all back home.

  3. Love the new header!
    Well...that sure brought tears to my see all of your beautiful birds in one nest loving on each other. Our kids were all home last Sunday...a rare but wonderful thing. What an amazing mother Savannah will be! Praying for your precious Jing.

    Love and blessings,

  4. Gorgeous family!! It's so fun to see your 'bigs' and your 'littles' together. SJ is a hunny for sure and it's obvious by the smiles on her jie jie's face that she is a 'JOY' for sure!! :)

    Have a blessed week! <><

    Love and Hugs,

  5. Looks like you had some cooperative weather :) And seeing the joy in all your girls brings a smile to my face!! God is so good!