Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun Friday

Friday was a fun day for the girls.
Every morning Jing asks to see 'Piter'~ (Fisher).
We opened the door and there he was waiting
for us to check on him.
He put his paws in the door
and Jing looked at me to see if that was ok.
She is starting to like him fine
as long as he stays a safe distance away.

We were also so happy to have a visit
from Sheryl and Madelyn.
They brought the girls cute matching fall dresses
and stickers which Jing almost used up in one sitting. :)
We have missed seeing them over the last 5 weeks.

EK called for me to get the camera
when she and Jing sat down together on a stool
for snack time.
Hollywood with the shades on. :)


  1. I love Jing's upside-down sunglasses!!...Khloe used to do that all the time, but I think she finally figured it out now. She loves her shades!! ;)

    I adore all the photos you post on here of your girls... especially love all their matchy sets!! Jing looks like she is just BLOOMING!! So wonderful to see her HOME at last! :)

    Have a blessed week! <><


  2. How cute that Jing is slowly warming up to "Piter." Love the sunglasses. What a sweet girl. EllaKate is being such a good big sister. God is good.