Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Dolls

Today has been a busy one for us~
changing sheets and going through closets and drawers.
I have gone through all the little girls' clothes
while they played dolls.

EK knew just what to do and loved pulling everything out~
she hasn't played dolls since we left for China.

This was all new to Jing...
I took her doll and held it for a bottle,
put it onto my shoulder to burp it,
and then kissed it for nap.
She watched me carefully the whole time.
I said, "JingJing's turn."
She took the doll and without a blink she...

Fed the baby...

Burped the baby...

Loved the baby...

Kissed the baby...

And again...

And said, "Mama's turn."
We played this game over and over.


  1. Adorable pictures! She is one smart girl!


  2. This is so sweet it brought tears to my eyes....
    Oh, thank You Jesus for the miracle of these two precious little girls and for answering our prayers and bringing them home...
    So happy for you all,

  3. babies are my FAVORITE!!!!! I think Ek will be playing alot more dollies now that she has a sissy to play with her! it's okay if Mama plays for now - but soon - they will be playing house on their own!!

  4. Oh, how sweet that Jing is learning to care for her babies. She is just blossoming.

  5. Shay - these photos are just precious! Jing is so smart!!

    What fun to have two little girls to play with!

  6. I just started following your blog and these precious baby girls are precious. What a blessings!

  7. SOOOOOOO Sweet Sharon!

    They are precious. It is wonderful to see their love for each other growing every day!!!!

    Thanks for lifting up sweet Sienna Grace!

  8. Absolutely precious!!!!

    Please share...where do you find their beautiful dresses? My girls love dresses too but I never seem to find the beautiful ones like your girls wear, just curious! Maybe I need to go on a shopping expedition w/ you...and my four girls in tow! hee hee