Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Walk in the Park

After nap, I strapped SJ in the hip carrier
and EK in the stroller and off we went to the park.

I carried the camera
and snapped a few beautiful things along the way.
About the time we were starting to head back...
it started to rain.
IF were were Chinese,
we would have had our umbrella with us and prepared~
they use a parasol all the time... rain or shine.
But we didn't and walked back in the rain.
We covered SJ with her pinky.
While talking to my friend Lynn tonight,
she said we needed to put more pics of me and SJ together.
What about this one?
Soaked to the bone standing in the hotel lobby
with every Chinese person staring at us...
nothing new. :)
Nothing a hot bath wouldn't help!!!


  1. The photos are just gorgeous! It sounds like you have a great schedule going and by the time you get back here it will most likely be all smiles for Shaylee Joy :) You are doing a wonderful job!!!!

  2. Okay, maybe I won't request any more pictures...SJ does NOT look happy about it! LOL
    I love your scenery shots...they are so beautiful!


  3. What fun would it be w/o a "we got soaked out in the rain 1 mile from our hotel" story? Just gotta laugh about stuff like this!!!