Thursday, September 2, 2010

SJ's First Balloon

While on our walk,
EK spotted the balloons a mile away.
We passed the lady by on the way
but on the way back, Scott stopoped to buy just one.

We chose one from the bunch
and the lady handed it to EK~
then proceeded to give one to SJ...
I sure wasn't going to say no and we came home with two.

Can I just say I am SO happy we bought them both one!!!
SJ has loved it as much as she does
the bubbles and beach balls.
Of course EK loves her balloon too.
Sweet sisters!!!


  1. Shay - you must have nailed it on sewing for SJ - such cute outfits everyday? I tried with a few matching outfits, but we couldn't get Alaina out of her stylish fuzzy purple vest!

  2.'re killing me with all those cute outfits! You're such a talented seamstress!

  3. Great little video! As I write this, Max is screaming because we aren't watching it anymore. We've watched it several times!

  4. I agree with the sewing! Wow!!! I had to laugh with you thinking you were only going to buy one balloon! SJ would have been sooooooo mad if she didn't get one. You are going to have to get two of everything now my friend. LiLi and I also LOVED the video! EK was soooooooo funny jumping on the bed. That is just what LiLi would have done. I hope you are going to keep those balloons! Flatten them out. They are waaaay to pretty to throw away.