Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pizza Party Picnic

Tonight was Pizza Hut Pizza Party Picnic Night!
We sat on the floor, prayed, and dug right in.
Miss SJ eats SO well!
She ate a whole piece by herself
and topped it off with a chocolate chip cookie as well.

Here are a few pics of the two sweeties
playing around after dinner.
Can't you see a little personality coming through?
The laughing girl:)
Watching her funny Baba play the harmonica
crazily and loving it!
EK decided she wanted to see if she could pick SJ up...
She is so proud she was strong enough!!!
SJ~ not so sure. :)

Calling it a night and will see you all tomorrow!


  1. Can't get enough of all these smiles!

  2. I am totally loving these new pictures!!! What a smile. Both SJ AND EK look happier!!! 9 more 9 until you get home!!!

  3. Oh no, he broke out the harmonica!? That might scare her off...just kidding! Glad they loved it!!

  4. I think you get the award for best blogging while on the adoption trip! Loving following along,now will add "purchase balloons" to my list of must do's!

  5. I love the EK and SJ "crazy" pics - now let's see some of you and Scott's "crazy" pics. I know EK can take a pic of you both :)
    I didn't know you knew Tim and Lisa Watkins AND Michael Zinn --- I work with all three of them. Small world - we're all so excited for you. Stacy White is working with us now too -we're all praying for you guys and loving your blogs.... keep 'em coming...

  6. Ok Shay -- here are my new Qs... This time about EK. Have people tried to talk to her assuming she understands Mandarin? Do they scold you for her tan skin? Does SJ think EK should understand her? Does SJ know that you don't understand her talking? LOVE this!!!

    I can't believe that Randi didn't know that you knew all those people!

  7. I love seeing all the fun! SJ is really coming out of her shell, and EK looks thrilled! How exciting!

  8. Shaylee look so pretty in pink!!! :) You can really tell that EllaKate is loving her more and more.