Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Girls

I have been so excited for them to wear these outfits...
Shirt monogrammed by my friend Lyn
and skirt made by me.
EK did not want to wear them because it was not a dress~
she only wears dresses.
They did wear to breakfast and changed when we got back.
I did get this precious picture though...
While talking to Savannah this morning,
the girls went into the bathroom so EK could brush her teeth.
I went to look in and this is what I found.
EK brushing SJ's teeth.
I couldn't be more proud of EK~
taking care of little sister. :)


  1. so cute and love that she only wears dresses. sounds like my little Ainzley

  2. Oh that's just precious!! And they look adorable in the skirts!


  3. That is wonderful! The girls look so cute!

  4. So sweet! Love the monogrammed outfits!

  5. Thanks again for sharing. Love all the cute pics of the girls. How many matching outfits did you bring?!?! Can you make me some in triplet form-LOL

  6. Such sweet sisters! Glad to hear that Ella Kate is adjusting to her new role as big sister! You know, it's funny...both of my girls went through a phase where they would only wear dresses. They still love their dresses, but they'll wear other things too!

  7. Sharon you made my day with that sweet picture. They look so cute in their shirts!! So glad it is going well. Praying for you all!!

  8. Yay EK, that is too cute :) I love both the outfits!