Friday, September 3, 2010

Park and Dino Museum Again

Today is traveling day so we had the morning to ourselves.
We took it slow this morning, skyped the girls,
and headed out for a walk.
We back through the park...

and back to the Dinosaur museum.
SJ even ventured down to walk around.
There were a lot of stairs to the upstairs
and SJ started the long climb.
I have noticed she gets a little winded when
she's done a little too much.
She knows when to rest and will hold her arms up
for me to pick her up.
EK absolutely LOVED the museum.
I really think she could stay there all day! :)

It is bittersweet to know we are leaving SJ's province today.
We will always love this place just like home.
We have come to feel comfortable here
and know our way around.
Looking forward to our next stop though
because we are just that closer to HOME SWEET HOME!!!
And our precious family and friends waiting there!!!


  1. The parks were our very favorite part (of our winter trips)!We were amazed at how many people were out and about at any time of the day!

  2. Tell EllaKate that I love the dresses that she picked out today! :)


  3. EK is such a girly girl that I never imagined her being into dinosaurs. So cool that there was a museum near you in Fuzhou for her to explore...a special experience just for her.

    I know what you mean about leaving the province. I cried when we left our hotel in Jiangxi. It was our first home as a family of 3, even if it was only for a week. Wishing you safe travel to Guangzhou.

  4. have a great time in Guangzho (sp?) We are leaving for the weekend but you/SJ's medical will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!!